You know what really annoys me?

When people say:

"I’m depressed. You don’t know how that feels, you can’t say anything."

You know what? Yes I can actually.

I do know what its like. I do know how it feels. Many of my closet friends and family have depression and I’ve seen how it affects them with my own eyes.

I know how bad it gets. I’ve seen my closest friends become shells of themselves and so very close to commiting suicide. I’ve seen members of my family not able to get themselves out of bed in the morning because they can’t face the week. I’ve overheard conversations of my family talking about suicide.

And do you know what hurts the most?
Its when you can’t do anything to help. You yourself feel helpless because you can’t make the ones you love feel happier and you can’t do anything but sit and see them practically fall apart at the seams.

Depression isnt just a “bad day”, it goes so much more deeper than that.

So yes. I can say anything about it. I do know how it feels.